About Us

Welcome to the specialized site for electric scooters and motors www.electric-scooter.eu.

The company is the official representative of one of the most renowned brands in the Bodo Wickle Group industry. It was created back in 1997 with the former name Tianjin XST.

In 2005, Bodo was made up of 15 divisions to become a top corporation with departments for the design, development, marketing and service of electric vehicles.

Thanks to the hard work of the last 21 years, the Bodo corporation's product port covers the production of electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric tricycles and electric cars.

TT MAG specializes in the sale and maintenance of electric scooters. A team of engineers and mechanics are available to advise you on your choice. We will gladly give you the opportunity to test electric scooters from different models for free. The test site is located in Plovdiv, near Trakia Municipality. Test drive of motors and scooters is carried out after prior arrangement by phone.


tel. 0898321001